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Manufacturing accounts for roughly 12% of US GDP. With every $1 spent in manufacturing generating $1.35 in additional economic activity, a larger multiplier effect than any other sector of the economy, manufacturing is recognised as an important component of domestic policy in the United States.  US Government initiatives are also motivated by the decline of high-technology manufacturing industries in terms of the US global share of total output, and also that of global high-technology exports.  There is a belief at government level that innovation is key to future economic performance, and that leadership in manufacturing is perceived to equate to innovation performance.

The US Government has identified manufacturing as the key means by which “inventions, research discoveries, and new ideas” are translated into “better or novel products or processes”, without which innovation and “knowledge production” atrophies.  And it defines advanced manufacturing, which is on the cusp of a major transformation, as involving both “new ways to manufacture existing products” and the “manufacture of new products emerging from new advanced technologies.”

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Manufacturing R&D

A Framework for Revitalizing American Manufacturing

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Accelerating US Advanced Manufacturing

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