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Manufacturing Futures

Manufacturing Futures

This sections presents a selection of major national and international studies addressing the future of manufacturing

Various types of exercises identified include:

  • National S&T Plans
  • Agency white papers
  • National academy studies
  • Research agency division strategies
  • National symposia presentations & reports
  • Workshop / symposia proceedings
  • Consultancy reports
  • Academic studies

 The various types of methodologies used in these exercises include:

  • Panels / workshops / consultations
  • Technology foresights
  • Surveys / Delphi studies
  • Expert groups
  • Scenarios
  • Roadmaps

 Stakeholders whose perspectives are reflected in the studies include:

  • Manufacturing firms
  • Government agencies
  • Academia
  • Learned societies
  • Industry organisations
  • Think tanks


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CountryTitleYearTime HorizonTypeAuthor
Australia Trends in Manufacturing to 2020 2011 2020 Stakeholder view analysis FMIIC
Australia Manufacturing Futures: Achieving Global Fitness 2006 not specified Survey, desk research, workshops, interviews AIG
Austria Transition to Sustainable Production Systems: Austria 2020 2003-2005 2020 Sector studies and scenarios bmvit
Brazil Production Chains 2016 - The Brazilian Technology Foresight Programme 1999 2016 Delphi surveys, scenario analysis, stakeholder input, etc.


Canada The future of manufacturing in Canada: Perspectives and Recommendations on International Business Development 2005 2020 Survey + stakeholder consultation Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
China Advanced Manufacturing Technology in China: A Roadmap to 2050 2009 2050 Technology roadmap CAS
China Medium- and Long-term Plan for Science and Technological Development 2006-2020 2006 2020 State Council
Denmark Research 2015: A Basis for Prioritisation of Strategic Research 2008 2015
EU High level Group on Key Enabling Technology 2011 2020+ Expert committee report European Commission
EU EU Manufacturing Industry: What are the Challenges and Opportunities for the Coming Years? (DG Enterprise and Industry, 2010) 2010

Analysis report

European Commission
EU The ManuFuture Road (Jovane et al, 2009) 2009
EU Manufuture Workprogramme "New Production" (Manufuture, 2007) 2007
EU The Future of Manufacturing in Europe (Brandes et al, 2007) 2007
EU Manufacturing Futures for Europe - A Survey of the Literature (Van der Zee and Brandes, 2007) 2007
EU Manufacturing Visions: A Holistic View of the Trends for European Manufacturing (Dreher, 2007) 2007
EU The Future of Manufacturing: Survey of International Technology Foresight Initiatives (Montorio and Taisch, 2007) 2007
EU Managing knowledge in manufacturing: results of a Delphi study in European manufacturing industry 2007
EU Feeling for the future: strategic responses to industrial, economic and technological change in the European instruments and sensors sector 2007
EU Manufuture Work Programme "New Production" 2007 15
EU ManuFuture - Strategic Reseach Agenda 2006
EU Manufacturing Visions (ManVis) 2005 2020
EU ManuFuture - A Vision for 2020 2004
EU The Future of Manufacturing in Europe 2015-2020 - The Challenge for Sustainability 2003
Germany Zukunft der Produktion: Herausforderungen, Forschungsfelder [The Future of Production: Challenges, Research Areas, Opportunities], Hanser Fachbuchverlag 2011
Germany Produktionsforschung 2020 [Production Research 2020] 2010 2020
Germany New Future Fields 2009 2020+
Germany ManuFuture Deutschland
Germany The High-Tech Strategy for Germany 2006
Ireland Report of the Research Prioritisation Steering Group 2012
Japan Monozukuri White Papers 2011 mid- to long-term
Japan Japanese 4th basic Science &Technology plan 2010 2015
Japan Third Science & Technology Basic Plan 2006
Korea The Future Perspectives and Technology Foresight of Korea. Challenges and Opportunities. 2005 2015+
Korea Korea 2030 - The Third Korean National Foresight Exercise (Korean Institute for S&T Evaluation and Planning, 2030) 2004
Korea Vision 2025 - Korea's Long Term Plan for Science and Technology Development 2000 2025
Sweden Production Research 2020: Strategic Research Agenda 2008 2020
Sweden Swedish Technology Foresight "The Foresighted Society": Production System (IVA et al., 2000) 2000
UK Technology and Innovation Futures: UK Growth Opportunities for the 2020s 2010 2020+
UK Future of manufacturing: A new era of opportunity and challenge for the UK 2013 2050
UK A landscape for the future of high value manufacturing in the UK 2012
UK UK Manufacturing: We can make it better 2000 2020
USA Emerging Global Trends in Advance Manufacturing 2012 10 and 20 years
USA Production in the Innovation Economy (MIT) 2012 - ongoing mid- long-term
USA Making Things - 21st Century Manufacturing and Design: Report of a Symposium (NAE, 2012) 2012
USA Building Bridges to Growth: A roadmap for Advance Manufacturing in Massachusetts 2011 mid-term
USA Extreme Manufacturing Workshop: Technology Needs for Long-Term US Manufacturing Competitiveness 2011 Long-term
USA Report to the President on Ensuring American Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing 2011 Mid- long-term
USA Make: An American Manufacturing Movement 2011 mid- long-term
USA The Case for a National Manufacturing Strategy (ITIF, 2011) 2011
USA White Papers on Advanced Manufacturing Questions for the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology 2010 mid- long-term
USA Challenges to Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing: Report of a National Workshop (NIST, 2009) 2009
USA A Framework for Revitalizing American Manufacturing (White House, 2009) 2009
USA Japan's Manufacturing Competitveness Strategy: Challenges for Japan, Opportunities for the United States (US Dept of Trade, 2009) 2009
USA The Facts about Modern Manufacturing 2009
USA Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World (US National Inteligence Council, 2008) 2008
USA Manufacturing the Future (NSTC, 2008) 2008 mid- long-term
USA Future of Manufacturing in the US (Lehtihet et al., for NIST, 2005) 2007
USA A Brief History of the Future of Manufacturing: US manufacturing technology forecasts in retrospective, 1950-present (Youtie, 2007) 2007
USA Advanced Technology and the Future of U.S. Manufacturing (SRI, 2004) 2004 long-run
USA Visionary Manufacturing Challenges for 2020 (NRC, 1998) 1998 2020
WEF World Economic Forum Future of Manufacturing Project Description 2012 5, 10 and 15 years