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Briefing notes

Briefing Notes

Briefing notes have been developed for leading manufacturing nations, to communicate observations and practices in those nations, particularly for the purpose of informing policy developers. The briefing notes provide overviews of the situation around advanced manufacturing in those countries, and also contain brief summaries of national policies, the key government actors driving those policies, and initiatives emanating both from government and other players in the manufacturing and innovation system. More such briefing notes will be produced over time, further enriching the portal. 

 UK briefing note

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Briefing Note - United Kingdom

The relative share of manufacturing in the UK economy has declined markedly in recent decades, though the UK remains a global player in high-technology areas.

In recent years there has been a trend towards a more strategic national approach in partnership with industry in key sectors. The Government’s Industrial Strategy, developed from 2011 onwards, focuses on themes of strong relevance to the manufacturing sector. 

US briefing note

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Briefing Note - United States

US Government manufacturing initiatives are motivated by the decline of high-technology manufacturing industries in terms of the US global share of total output, and also that of global high-technology exports.

Within the US Government, a number of key agency partners are concerned with formulating policies, creating synergies, and funding stakeholders.  And there are several significant initiatives emerging now in place to advance this agenda.

Japan briefing note

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Briefing Note - Japan

Japan is one the world’s most sophisticated manufacturing nations with world-leading firms in a range of industries. Japanese firms have traditionally conformed to keiretsu, pyramid-like structures of vertical integration. 

Pressures on Japanese industries were exacerbated by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, which had long-term harmful effects not only to Japanese but also to global supply chains. The government of Japan often refers to the ‘six-fold agonies’ faced by Japanese industries which have a strong effect on policy decisions.

Germany briefing note

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Briefing Note - Germany

World leader in high-technology manufacturing industries and exports, with a reputation for quality. German firms are responsible for generating over a quarter of EU manufacturing turnover and for over a tenth of global exports of manufacturing products. Much of German manufacturing strength built on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Germany has long had an institutional infrastructure in place that supports and promotes advanced manufacturing.